Marine Corps League

McLemore Detachment #324


Article 1: A quorum is established when three (3) or more members of the Board of Trustees are in attendance at any scheduled meeting of the Detachment.

Article 2: Elected officers of the McLemore Detachment will include the following: Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant, Judge Advocate, Paymaster.

Article 3: The Detachment Commandant shall appoint the following officers: Adjutant, Chaplain, Sergeant-at-Arms and other officers as he/she may deem necessary to serve the needs of the Detachment. The Detachment Commandant may call upon the membership to nominate and vote candidates for appointed offices, but the status of those offices shall remain appointed, not elected.

Article 4: A member may serve in only one elected office at any one time. However, a member serving in an elected office may at the same time serve in an appointed office, ie, the same member may serve the office of Adjutant/Paymaster.

Article 5: The term of office for elected officers is to be one (1) year. In the event any Detachment officer is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings, barring extenuating circumstances, the Detachment Commandant will declare that the office is vacant and an election will take place immediately to fill said vacancy and no prior notice shall be required. Likewise, when an elected officer resigns his/her office, an election will take place immediately to fill the vacancy and no prior notice shall be required

Article 6: The Detachment Paymaster shall, at all times, be in control of all moneys acquired or held by the Detachment. He/She shall maintain a bank account in the name of McLemore Detachment, Marine Corps League with signature of either the Paymaster or Commandant being required on all checks issued by the Detachment. (The Detachment Commandant and Paymaster are included in a blanket bond issued by National Headquarters.) The financial records of the detachment shall be audited by the detachment’s Board of Trustees following the installation of new officers each year. A record of such audit, indicating acceptance and/or exceptions by the newly seated Board of Trustees, shall be entered into the minutes of the detachment meeting for the month of March.

Article 7: The elected officers and Junior Past Commandant of the Detachment shall be its Board of Trustees.

Article 8: The Detachment Commandant shall appoint a nominating committee prior to election of officers. The nominating committee shall submit the slate of nominated officers at the January meeting. Nominations from the floor may be accepted and added to the committee’s slate. Once all opportunities for nominating officers is concluded, the officers for the coming year shall be elected at the January meeting. Elected officers shall be installed during, or prior to, the regularly scheduled February meeting.

Article 9: A member in good standing is defined as one who has paid his/her current dues. No one shall hold an elected or appointed office who is not a member in good standing with the Detachment. Once accepted as a member in good standing by the Detachment membership, that member may not be removed from the Detachment roll except for cause (Chapter 9, Administrative Procedures, MCL) or that member requesting transfer (Section 710, Administrative Procedures, MCL).

Article 10: Detachment Bylaws may be amended or changed by a 2/3 majority of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting, subject to the written approval of the Department Judge Advocate.

Article 11: All activities and functions of the detachment not defined by these detachment bylaws shall be conducted in compliance with the Bylaws and Administrative Procedures of the Department of Texas and National Headquarters of the Marine Corps League.

These Bylaws approved by membership of the McLemore Detachment #324 on March 11, 2008.

Certified By:


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Charles Ynman A. R. Kotrla, Jr.
Commandant Judge Advocate

Approved By: ____________________________Date: ______________
Ken Henry, Judge Advocate
Department of Texas, Marine Corps League